Table 1.

Nomenclature, and numerical values of fixed quantities and parameters used in simulations reported in §3.

symbol (units)definitionquantityvalue
c or [⋯ ] (M)concentration
C¯ (JK−1l−1)average volumetric specific heatC¯3400
E (kJ mol−1)activation energy
Fls−1)inflow rateF0.48
ϕls−1)cross-flow rate
ΔH (kJ mol−1)reaction enthalpy
k (M−1s−1 or s−1)reaction rate constant
L (mWK−1)wall thermal conductanceL2.0
R (Jmol−1K−1)gas constant8.31447
T (K)temperatureTa283
τ (s)residence time
Vl)unit reaction volumeV10.0
z (M−1s−1 or s−1)pre-exponential factor
aof the ambient or wall temperature
iof reactor unit i, where i=1…12
jof reaction j, where j=R1…R6
xa reactant or intermediate species