Table 1.

Behavioural repeatability of subject-specific and pairwise interaction parameters. (Shown are repeatability values obtained from LMMs on treatment-centred and normalized parameters along with 95% credibility intervals (CI) and significance levels from likelihood ratio tests. A significant repeatability indicates consistent individual differences. Significant repeatability values are in italic type face.)

parameterrepeatability95% CIp-value
experiment 1
 inter-individual distance (IID)0.440.350.540.007
 cross-correlation, focal fish (TLXCfocal)0.400.290.510.015
cross-correlation, companion (TLXCcompanion)0.00n.a.n.a.0.934
difference in cross-correlations (ΔTLXC)
experiment 2
 inter-individual distance (IID)0.310.220.420.012
 cross-correlation, focal fish (TLXCfocal)0.310.210.420.013
cross-correlation, Robofish (TLXCRobofish)
 difference in cross-correlations (ΔTLXC)0.320.230.430.011