Table 1.

Measurements (in millimetres) of the holotype skull of Fucaia buelli (UWBM 84024).

cranial length, from anterolateral inflection of supraorbital process of frontal to posterior surface of occipital condyle235.0a
maximum preorbital width122.88b
maximum postorbital width184.68b
supraorbital width across middle of the orbits133.56b
preserved diameter of left orbit, from apex of preorbital process of frontal to preserved apex of postorbital process69.78
length of left nasal, as preserved62.0
maximum width of left nasal17.04
distance between posterior edge of nasals and apex of supraoccipital106.19
maximum width of the parietal within the temporal fossa119.38b
maximum bicondylar width59.22a
maximum height of right occipital condyle36.93a
  • aEstimated measurement.

  • bThe measurements are made from one side to the midline of the skull and multiplied by two.