Table 2.

Measurements (in millimetres) of the ear bones of Fucaia buelli. Holotype, UWBM 84024.

right tympanic bulla
 maximum length in dorsal view55.78
 maximum length of the tympanic cavity47.80
 height of inner posterior prominence, measured between anterior border of inner posterior pedicle and the transverse ridge crossing the interprominential notch19.57
 width of tympanic cavity at the level of the lateral furrow, between inner face of outer lip and lateral face of involucrum, avoiding the involucral incisureca 13.5
 distance between dorsal margin of lateral furrow and apex of tympanic bulla, measured horizontally27.89
right periotic
 maximum length in dorsal view44.72
 maximum diameter of internal acoustic meatus9.88
 maximum diameter of aperture for cochlear aqueduct2.64
 maximum diameter of aperture for vestibular aqueduct5.53
 maximum diameter of fenestra rotunda4.54
 maximum diameter of mallear fossa6.66
 maximum length of fovea epitubaria10.89
 height of the anterior keel18.10
 distance between anteroventral angle and tip of lateral tuberosity16.50
 distance between anteroventral angle and caudal tympanic process27.56
right malleus
 maximum dorsoventral length (excluding anterior process)9.00
 maximum transverse width (excluding anterior process)4.50
left incus
maximum width at the level of the incudo-mallear joint4.50