Table 2.

Correlation coefficient for consecutive average event speeds in a colony/treatment (five ants in NC, six in C). (Correlation coefficients are converted into z-scores using Fisher’s r-to-z transformation, which are combined into a weighted zw for each treatment that is then compared to assess the significance of the difference between the correlations in the two treatments. The reverse transformation is used to provide a weighted rw. See the Data processing and analysis section for more details.)

2 (critical value)8.3 (9.5)28.1 (11.1)2.7 (9.5)8.1 (11.1)4.2 (9.4)11.2 (11.1)
weighted zw0.340.540.270.450.150.30
p-value (two-tailed)0.00060.00050.004