Table 2.

Significance tests, DFA correct classification on observed data, and correct classification based on randomized data; where n is the number of units or individuals. All combinations tested can be found in the electronic supplementary material, tables S8 and S9.

coda datasetWilks Λapprox. Fd.f.p-valuerandomized correct (%)DFA correct classification (%)
4-click coda types; n=9 units0.045106.4224<0.0015488
1+1+3 codas; n=14 individuals0.4959.34752<0.0011933
1+1+3 within unit F; n=6 individuals0.50711.2220<0.0013757
1+1+3 within unit J; n=4 individuals0.7337.5412<0.0013851
1+1+3 within unit U; n=3 individuals0.8270.92080.5056358
All 5R1; n=12 individuals0.22311.5944<0.0012146
5R1 within unit F; n=3 individuals0.5266.1568<0.0017383
5R1 within Unit J; n=2 individuals0.6486.9254<0.0015473
5R1 within unit U; n=3 individuals0.37319.1388<0.0015178
5R1 within unit V; n=3 individuals0.14011.7318<0.0013879