Table 4.

Mean regression coefficients (β)±s.e. of the model log(Mov.metric) = Inf + T.aft.Rel + Reloc + Behtrap + DN + Inf*T. aft.Rel for total cumulative distance (Dtot), mean speed between consecutive locations (vseg) and MCP in the first 7 days after sampling. Only coefficients describing the effect of infection are shown, i.e. β0 the intercept for uninfected mallards, βinf the intercept difference between infected and uninfected individuals, βT.aft.Rel the slope quantifying the movement metric evolution after release in uninfected mallards, and βInf*T.aft.Rel the slope difference between infected and uninfected individuals. P-values are indicated in brackets and significant values are in bold.

β07.51±0.54 (p<2×1016)2.17±0.54 (p=7×105)9.82±1.45 (p=2×1011)
βinf0.09±0.11 (p=0.40)0.11±0.11 (p=0.33)0.15±0.29 (p=0.60)
βT.aft.Rel−0.03±0.01 (p=0.06)−0.02±0.01 (p=0.07)0.11±0.04 (p=3×10−3)
βinf*T.aft.Rel0.01±0.02 (p=0.58)0.01±0.02 (p=0.64)0.05±0.05 (p=0.38)