Table 1.

Some notable post-MS planetary systems.

BD+48 740aGB star with possible pollution3.3.1
G 29-38bWD with disc and pollution3.1.2
GD 362cWD with disc and pollution3.1.2
GJ 86dbinary WD–MS with planet3.2.2
NN Serebinary WD–MS with planets3.4, 7.4.1, 7.4.2, 8.1, 15.1.1
PSR B1257+12fpulsar with planets1, 3.5, 7.3.3, 8.2, 8.3
PSR B1620-26gbinary pulsar-WD with planet3.2.1, 7.4.1
SDSS J1228+1040hWD with disc and pollution3.1.2, 10, 15.1.2
WD 0806-661iWD with planet3.2.1
WD 1145+017jWD with asteroids, disc and pollution3.2.1., 15.1.1
WD J0959-0200kWD with disc and pollution3.1.2., 10, 15.1.1
vMa2lWD with pollution1, 3.1.1
  • aPotentially polluted with lithium.

  • bFirst WD debris disc.

  • cPolluted with 17 different metals.

  • dPlanet orbits the MS star.

  • eMultiple circumbinary planets.

  • fFirst confirmed exoplanetary system.

  • gFirst confirmed circumbinary planet.

  • hDisc probably eccentric and axisymmetric.

  • iPlanet at several thousand astronomical units.

  • jOnly WD with transiting SBs, a disc and pollution.

  • kHighly variable WD disc.

  • lFirst polluted WD.