Table 1.

The left table shows the top 10 performing species in the cylinder task in MacLean et al's study [9]. The right table shows new top 10 ranking when including the performance of the Corvus species in the current study (shown in bold).

rankspeciescylinder task: average scoreendocranial cm3 volumerankspeciescylinder task: average scoreendocranial cm3 volume
ranking MacLean et al. [9]new ranking including Corvus species
3capuchin monkey95.966.63orangutan99.1377.4
=4coyote95.085.25capuchin monkey95.966.6
7rhesus macaque80.089.0=6coyote95.085.2
8domestic dog79.187.08gorilla94.4490.4
9gray wolf77.3127.19New Caledonian crow92.07.3
10western scrub jay76.72.910rhesus macaque80.089.0