TableĀ 1.

Results for each bird in each experiment: all individuals failed to innovate tool use (did not use the stick on the bread) and string pulling and their level of interaction with the stick or string was noted (X, did not pass habituation). Y, yellow; P, purple; B, blue; O, orange; R, red; G, green.

bird (colour rings)sextool usestring pulling: verticalstring pulling: horizontal
Tequila (YP)Minteracted stickdid not touch hanging stringpulled string
Margarita (PB)Finteracted stickXno interaction
Cerveza (BO)Fno interactiondid not touch hanging stringno interaction
Michelada (OR)Fno interactionXno interaction
Batido (OP)Minteracted stickXno interaction
Horchata (GR)Finteracted stickdid not touch hanging stringX
Refresco (PY)Minteracted stickXno interaction
Jugo (RB)Minteracted stickXX