Table 1.

Radiocarbon dates for archaeological chicken bones from South Island, New Zealand. Wk, Waikato Radiocarbon Dating Laboratory code; CM, Canterbury Museum; CRA, conventional Radiocarbon Age. Owing to small sample sizes, d13C was measured on prepared graphite using the AMS spectrometer. The radiocarbon dates have therefore been corrected for isotopic fractionation. All isotope values measured on bone gelatin.

Wk numberCM numbersitepowdered mass (g)gelatin yield (%)d15NC:NCRAerror1 sigma calibrated ranges2 sigma calibrated ranges
Wk38085Av33059Fyffe's Site, Kaikoura0.187.57.663.3716423AD 1684–1711 (16.2%)AD 1719–1730 (5.9%)AD 1803–1813 (5.4%)AD 1837–1883 (24.2%)AD 1925 – (16.5%)AD 1675–1738 (29.8%)AD 1797–1950 (65.6%)
Wk38086Av23181Redcliffs School Site, Christchurch0.224.16.733.3622625AD 1666–1675 (8.3%)AD 1739–1797 (59.9%)AD 1650–1690 (23.4%)AD 1726–1805 (72.0%)
Wk38088Av17724Mussel Point, Cape Campbell0. 1670–1679 (8.9%)AD 1733–1785 (53%)AD 1794–1801 (6.4%)AD 1652–1700 (22.3%)AD 1721–1810 (70.3%)AD 1836–1844 (0.9%)AD 1866–1878 (1.5%)AD 1932–1938 (0.5%)