Table 2.

Model-averaged predictors of (a) body mass, (b) fat score, in 15 song sparrows that became successfully infected. Italic type indicates predictor for which 95% CI does not include zero.

predictorestimates.e.95% CI (2.5%, 97.5%)
(a) body mass
 experimental day−0.010.01−0.03, 0.01
 bird origin (western)−2.021.31−4.59, 0.55
 parasite origin (western)−1.121.32−3.71, 1.47
 bird origin (western) × parasite origin (western)−3.482.84−9.05, 2.09
 previous infection status (yes)1.481.92−2.29, 5.24
 sex (male)0.692.29−3.79, 5.18
(b) fat score
 experimental day0.010.000.00, 0.01
 bird origin (western)−0.620.41−1.43, 0.19
 parasite origin (western)−0.610.42−1.44, 0.22
 bird origin (western) × parasite origin (western)−1.410.90−3.18, 0.36
 previous infection status (yes)1.300.630.06, 2.53
 sex (male)0.471.00−1.49, 2.42