Table 1.

Global model parameters.

parameterdefinitionvalues tested
Nnumber of labs100
bbase rate of true hypotheses0.1
r0initial replication rate for all labs{0, 0.01, 0.2, 0.5}
e0initial effort for all labs75
w0initial power for all labs0.8
ηinfluence of effort on productivity0.2
cR+probability of publishing positive replication1
cRprobability of publishing negative replication1
VNpay-off for publishing novel result1
VR+pay-off for publishing positive replication0.5
VRpay-off for publishing negative replication0.5
VO+pay-off for having novel result replicated0.1
VOpay-off for having novel result fail to replicate−100
dnumber of labs sampled for death and birth events10
μrprobability of r mutation{0, 0.01}
μeprobability of e mutation{0, 0.01}
μwprobability of w mutation{0, 0.01}
σrstandard deviation of r mutation magnitude0.01
σestandard deviation of e mutation magnitude1
σwstandard deviation of w mutation magnitude0.01