Table 1.

Differences in biology and ecology among populations of the winter skate (Leucoraja ocellata) inhabiting the Scotian Shelf and the Northumberland Strait within the southern Gulf of St Lawrence (sGSL). Adapted from [25,26].

Scotian Shelf populationsGLS population
morphological trait
tooth row mean (range)88 (82–93)74 (62–85)
precaudal vertebrae mean (range)27 (25–28)30 (28–32)
max size (cm)15068
ecological trait
 max depth range (m)37–3801–34
 common summer depth (m)37–110<21
 common summer temperature (°C)5–1011–22
 age of environment (years)tens of millions6000–7000
life-history trait
 max age2111
 size 50% maturity (cm)76–7740–42
 age maturity (years)8–95–6
 mean egg case length (mm)/wet mass (g)80.9/41.864.1/12.9