Table 1.

Results of the final model selection using Akaike Information Criterion (AICc) for 11 GLMs that describe (a) the abundance of fire-scarred trees and (b) the frequency of fire events with nine predictor variables (vegetation (four types), elevation, slope, aspect, distance to habitation site in metres and distance to shoreline in metres). Full results are provided in the electronic supplementary material, tables S3 and S4. Model averaging was conducted and only models within 95% confidence intervals are included. K = number of model parameters, R2 = the pseudo R2-value, ΔAICc = change in AIC score from the top model, wi = AICc model weight, ER = top model weight divided by i model weight.

(a) abundance of fire-scarred trees
110.650.000.421.00distance to habitation
221.770.172.53distance to habitation, slope
322.020.152.80distance to habitation, elevation
422.390.133.23distance to habitation, aspect
(b) frequency of fire events
130.590.000.301.00distance to habitation, aspect, bog forest type
220.750.201.50distance to habitation, aspect
312.310.093.33distance to habitation
452.530.083.75distance to habitation, aspect, bog forest type, zonal forest type, distance to shoreline
532.670.083.75distance to habitation, elevation, slope, distance to shoreline
642.760.074.28distance to habitation, bog forest type, zonal forest type, slope
733.580.056.00distance to habitation, elevation, bog forest type