Table 2.

Group-level statistics for conspicuousness in Experiments 1 and 2. N denotes the number of observers in each condition. The asterisk (*) denotes that the p-value was approaching significance. Removing observer IM from analysis makes the p = 0.003.

conspicuousness (CI)
conditionNmean CI (JND)t –statistic (CI > 0)p-valueCohen's dpaired t-statisticp -valueCohen's d
Experiment 1
 same house70.262.420.052*0.91
 different house60.274.240.0081.73
 different SF house60.335.840.0022.38
Experiment 2
 orthogonal house100.214.360.0021.382.880.0181.30
 phase-scrambled house100.062.450.0370.77